Syndicate Open Scouting appreciates and rewards warm introductions to world-class founders and startups.

Open Scouting allows you to privately share any great startup or founder you think we should meet.

Although you are not an official representative or Scout for LAUNCH, The Syndicate, or Jason Calacanis there is a perk to Open Scouting.

You get $5,000 cash or 10% of our carry in that investment (your choice!) if you are the first person to refer the company to us and we invest.

How It Works

  1. Find a great startup (you don't need to have met with them)
  2. Tell us about that startup by filling out the form below
  3. You get 10% of our carry on that deal if:
    • You are the first person to refer the company
    • They are not already in our database
    • We are not already in contact with them
    • And we invest in the company