Jason's Syndicate

A group of 8,000+ accredited investors led by Jason Calacanis that invests in world-class founders.

What is Jason's Syndicate?

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FAQ for Investors

What is the benefit of a Syndicate?
What’s an SPV?
If I choose to invest will my name be on the company’s Cap Table?
What is the Set-Up Fee?
What is the minimum amount I can invest?
Is it mandatory to invest in pro rata?
What is carry?
Can you give me an idea of how many deals I should expect to see from The Syndicate each month?
Can I participate as a foreign resident?
Is there a portal I can log into to see previous deals?

FAQ for Founders

What is the benefit of a Syndicate?
Is there a cost?
What happens after I apply?
If my company is selected to pitch to The Syndicate, what happens next?
How long does it take to run a Syndicate?
Can I get a list of names of the investors in The Syndicate?
If I raise through The Syndicate, what's the best way to communicate with investors in my deal?