The Consumer Subscription Syndicate

We are a group of accredited investors led by Jason Calacanis that invests in world-class consumer subscription founders.

What Is The Consumer Subscription Syndicate?

Previous Investments Include: LOGOS?

Investors Frequently Asked Questions

The Consumer Subscription Syndicate is an investment syndicate that invests in tech startups lead by Jason Calacanis. The Consumer Subscription Syndicate connects accredited investors with opportunities to invest in AND connects founders with interested investors!


What is the benefit of a syndicate?
What’s an SPV?
If I choose to invest will my name be on the company’s Cap Table?
What is the Set-Up Fee?
What is the minimum amount I can invest?
Is it mandatory to invest in pro rata?
What is carry?
Can you give me an idea of how many deals I should expect to see from The Consumer Subscription Syndicate each month?
Can I participate as a foreign resident?
Is there a portal I can log into to see previous deals?

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